Mike McCready on the Issues

Government Spending

“We must always keep in mind that every dollar that comes into governments hands came out of someone’s pocket. We should never spend more than we take in and we cannot put off making the tough decisions when spending cuts are needed. If the private sector can do something more efficiently and economically than government then we should competitively bid out those tasks.”


Michigan’s Long-term Liabilities

“We have reduced Michigan’s long-term liabilities by over $20 billion dollars. I applaud Governor Snyder and L. Brooks Patterson for their leadership in controlling these costs but we aren’t out of the woods yet. There is still more to do to make sure our kids and grandkids are not stuck with the bill.”


Fixing Our Roads

“The State must continue to dedicate even more dollars to fixing our roads. My commitment is to make sure the legislature meets and exceeds the commitments made in 2015 to invest in road repairs.”



“Life is a precious gift that must be protected. I am reminded of this everyday that I watch my daughters grow into outstanding young women. I am proud to have received the support of Right to Life of Michigan Pac in my previous campaigns and I hope to have their support in the future.”